If mermaidr will be your first time using R - welcome! R is a programming language created specifically with data analysis and visualization in mind. It has a large user base spanning almost every discipline and a friendly community to go along with it.

If you haven’t used R before, there are a couple of steps to get all set up! We recommend the resources provided in the RStudio Education team’s beginners’ guide, specifically:

Once you’re all set up with R and RStudio, you’re all ready to install and start the mermaidr package! Head over to the front page of this site for installation instructions and some steps to get started, and then explore the rest of the site and other articles to understand what else is available.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you get stuck! We want to ensure that you can get set up with R to access and analyze your MERMAID data as smoothly and easily as possible - the Getting help with mermaidr article has more information on how to reach out.